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  1. Jules is a wonderful person. She puts a smile on everyone’s face. She has built up a wonderful place of happiness and love from something dark and useless. I think that not only takes skill and motivation, but the thought of being able to help so many kids and make their lives better. I think the fact that she likes to help children weather there in difficult situations or just looking for some happiness is inspiring and a wonderful thing to do. If everyone was as brilliant as Jules the world would be a better place. 😊


  2. Why is mrs jakeman an wonderful and helpful lady?

    Mrs jules jakeman is an absolutley amazing person who has all the best qualities you should have in a person: kind, caring, lovely, funny and any other amazing qualities you can think of ; she is all of them.
    Jules is someone that can help with any problems that may occur she has her own ways of dealing with things and everyone of them helps in some way!
    When i was stuggling at school she helped me in a way that made me feel very special and helped me to become more confident in myself and others
    So she is the best person you can ever meet to help you, the world will be a very different place without her !!
    Love you so much
    From Manon xxx 😘😘❤️


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